Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Season is upon us,  the rivers are thawed, still some ice and snow on the edges.  The Kasilof has the ramp chipped out so you can actually get your boat in.  I have never seen it like this this time of year, the take out at the cabins will open in two days and "T" 's is opening for take out this week end. 
There are fish in the the Kasilof and we will be going on down the river fishing on Thursday and through the week end.

We have seen fish in the river splashing over the rapids just above the hole, so they are there.  Still bait on the Kasilof and Hatchery Kings.

The Kenai is slotted nothing in the 20 to 55" range, no bait and there you go.  We will probably get on the kenai this week end and let you know how the KIngs are running there.

We have been sucessful in the Salt and not too bad a size and not all feeder Kings either. Who knows we might have a pretty good run.  Here is wishin' you tight lines  Halibut are good, they are in a little  larger than last year at this time.  So the Halibut Salmon Combos are on.