Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tustumena 200 Sled Dog Race

Posted on 1/29/2011

In the dark I begin to hear bells chiming softly in the distance, they are getting  louder and still louder.  Am I dreaming?  I can't see anything, then I feel a wet nose poking me from the side of the bed. Clyde believes I set the alarm for a reason, to let him out.

OMG, it is race day?  Alea Roberson is running the Jr. 200 and will be wanting her breakfast to stoke her fire.   This is the 3rd year she has been here to run the race, I can see that her determination is building each year.  She is only 15 and needs this race for qualifying miles for the Iditarod.  This will be here first year for the Jr. Iditarod.  I simply have to get out of bed. 

Alea is off without a hitch headed down to the race start just a couple of thousand feet down the road.  She is determined that she will be ready to go when her number is called.  Booting her dogs is always a chalenge, her mom is along as her handler.

Added later-  Alea came back to the lodge with the biggest smile and a shy little duck of the head, she is such a small thing, hard to picture her behind the sled.  Wow she came in 2nd in the Jr Tustumena, only 5 seconds behind Dallas Seavey. Those Seaveys,  Dave just won the Yukon Quest as a rookie, not two days ago.  Way to go Dave, Way to go Dallas, Way to go Alea!!

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