Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Owl in the HenHouse

Originally Posted 1/28/2011

Oh my, Oh me, feeding chickens in the Alaska winter dark is hard enough. 
Trudging out to the Hen House, oh no, the flood light has blown out again.  What is that a rabbit running across the Hen House yard?  No too much noise, no light, just a little from the open hen house door,  Oh, my is it a hawk, an eagle, oh my, what a large Owl,  now it is flopping with its wings spread out, must be six foot span at least.  Now it is hanging from the Chain link fence, shut the little door so it doesn't get in the Hen House, no feathers on the snow.  That is a very good sign. 
I need to get help,  Kevin, Help, Owl in the Hen house yard.  I gear up, coat, gloves,scissors to cut the net and a flash light, We trudge back out through the snow.  When we get there Kevin takes the flashlight, how does he always end up with the flash light.  We hatch a plan, the Owl is now hanging upside down from the fish net that covers the yard.  I go down to the lower patio to get a long handled fish net.  Neither one of us want to do battle with that hooked beak and thrashing wings.  Plus I have heard they see in the dark, I used to think they only came out at night, but Alaska living has proven that wrong.  So I trudge back up the drive with the net and Kevin calls out that the Owl is out, it got back up the fence in the correct corner and got out the hole it got in.  Can't see it in any of the trees, it must have flown off.  I trust this was enough of hassle to keep it out in the future.  So much for excitement in Alaska, enough for one night.  Time to go watch Sherlock Holmes on Netflix!

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