Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Brown Bear on the deck


I could not figure out why Clyde was barking so wildly and growling at the glass side door.  There was snow on the ground and it was pitch dark.  I flipped on the outdoor light went to the door and was eye to eye with a Brown Bear.  Never having been that close to a bear, I was unsure of what would happen next.   My mind was racing on whether he would try to come through the glass. I knew they could break out car windows and I had just read a news article about Brown Bears in Anchorage ripping up metal garage doors. I reached forward and locked the door for all the good that would do.  The guns were too far away to do any good, if I ran for a gun would he come through the door glass?  I decided to stand my ground.  He simply tried to stare me down. He showded no concern but we all know who was really in charge.  After a while he simply looked away, ambled off the deck and went down the stairs to the lower level.  I immediately went around and locked all the doors.  I simply do not have enough guns for all the doors. 

In the next couple of days we did a complete survey of the grounds checking under anything he might want to den up in.  I waited to check out the unfinished garage addition until I was fully locked and loaded.  Then we had another snow and checked again for any bear prints.  I was not anxious to go out and get in the car in an unfinished garage with no door.  But then, apparently a door makes no difference to a Brown Bear.

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